Lake George Vacation Destination Since the 1950s

During the fifties, Al and Jane Mason were operating “Mason’s Cottages” in Cleverdale on the east side of the point. When they were able to purchase 21 acres of land on the southwest side of Cleverdale, they were inspired to create a “cottage colony” where families could come for the summer and feel that they were at their “home away from home“.

What’s in a name?

Al and Jane first saw the name “Takundewide” in the book A History of the Town of Queensbury. In it, author A.W. Holden writes that Takundewide is the Native American “name of Harris’s Bay on Lake George. So called on the ‘Map of the Middle British Provinces’ by T. Pownal, M.P., Lond, 1776.” Further research gave our best interpretation of this Iroquoian word: “from the place of power and peace.”

Al began building the cottages in the mid fifties. Jane managed the rentals until the late seventies. Al’s and Jane’s son, Bill, began managing the property in 1978. Eight years later, Takundewide became a homeowner’s association. Each cottage is individually owned and uniquely furnished and decorated. All of the owners welcome you to join them at the property that they love. We are sure that you will love it, too.

Takundewide Cottages / Takundewide MGMT

Takundewide Cottages / Takundewide MGMT