Guest Welcome Guide

Welcome! We created this guide for our Takundewide guests; click on each section for information. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call. Thanks for joining us! Bill and Lynne Mason

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NEW! CONTACTLESS CHECK-IN/OUT: Go Directly to your cottage. Address for GPS on DIRECTIONS PAGE of website.

Check-in is after 4 PM

Access instructions will be emailed to you prior to check-in. Call 518-656-9573 or text 518-726-6093 when you arrive.


Takundewide has 8 lots; park in lot closest to your cottage. (Check property map; link at top of page). Please limit the number of cars you bring to Takundewide. Do not drive or park on lawn. However, if lots are full you may park adjacent to the driveway on the lawn until a spot opens up. Park boats and trailers in designated areas only. Drive slowly; children are playing!

Check-out by noon

Call 518-656-9573 or text 518-726-6093 when you leave the cottage. Thanks for coming! To avoid cleaning fee, follow these steps:

  • Delete account information downloaded to TVs.
  • Check drawers and closets for clothes and phone charger.
  • Remove all food from refrigerator, freezer and cupboards.
  • Take trash/recycling out to trash cans, bagged so it is easily removed.
  • Wash dirty dishes.
  • Put bed sheets and towels in laundry bag provided.
  • Return furniture to its original position.
  • Return grounds around the cottage to condition at arrival.
  • Close windows.
  • Set A/C to low or 72 degrees (in summer) or heat to 65 degrees (winter,spring,fall).
  • Lock doors and leave keys on porch (#8: leave on counter).
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Each cottage is part of Takundewide Homeowners Association and is privately owned and furnished. So, please do not move items to another cottage, including the outdoor furniture and grills. Enter only your own guest cottage and porch. Outdoor furniture for your use is provided at your cottage. Do not take indoor furniture outside. Please don’t use your neighbor’s furniture, even if it is not in use.

Guests may not stay overnight in tents. Be considerate of neighbors. Quiet time is 10 PM to 9 AM.

Please note:  Smoking is permitted only outside cottage.


Free WIFI throughout your stay. Network and Password are in your cottage.


Cottage TVs have basic cable channels or streaming devices. Some cottages have smart TVs (see cottage information on website-link posted at top of this page). Sign into any of your streaming accounts but remember to delete account info before you leave.


All kitchens have full-sized appliances. Some have dishwashers (check information about your cottage on our website). We provide a starter supply of dishwasher detergent and more is available at local stores. Do not use liquid dish soap in the dishwasher. A coffee maker with filters is provided. Please bring ground coffee–not K-cups. Kitchens are fully stocked with dishes, silverware, glassware, pots, pans, utensils, toaster, tea pot, pitcher, cutting board and much more. For list of what is included and what to bring, check our packing list.

Clothes washers and dryers

Some four-bedroom cottages have washers and dryers. Instructions are in cottages. Onsite laundry room with coin operated washers and dryers is located in the building behind the small playground. (See property map for location; link at top of page).


For a list of what is included and suggestions about what to bring, click on packing list (link at top of page). Cottage is furnished with bed sheets, towels for bath and kitchen (for inside use only), cotton summer-weight blankets, and a starter supply of household items such as TP, tissues, soap, and paper towels. Bring beach towels, heavier blankets (if you like to bundle up) and extra household items. If you prefer your own linens, bring your own bed sheets, towels, and blankets from home and we will discount your weekly rate.

We know accidents can happen; just let us know so we can replace the item so stains don’t become permanent. If your cottage has a sofa bed, linens are available by calling 518-656-9573 the day before needed or when you make your reservation. For Multi-week stays,  exchange linens and towels once/week on Tuesday-Friday, call:  518-656-9573. See packing list on website.

Fireplace and Grill

All cottages have fireplace and BBQ grill. Wood for fireplace is available at local stores. Never use charcoal. Open damper before lighting and keep open until fire is completely out. Keep fuel away from fire. Use screen around fireplace to contain sparks. Never leave fire unattended. Staff will remove ashes after you leave.

Some cottages have gas BBQ grill, some have charcoal, and some have both. Check website for information about your cottage. For gas grills, check propane several hours before grilling and let us know if you need refill. For charcoal grills, remember to bring charcoal and starter.


We love our furry friends, but ask our rental guests to leave them at home. Pets of any size are not allowed in rental cottages.

Trash & Recycling

Guests are responsible for removing trash and recycling from cottage during their stay and at check-out. Guests and their visitors may not leave trash or recycling in common areas. There are no pails in public spaces so dispose of at cottage.

Three pails are outside each cottage. Use one for recycling: plastic, aluminum, paper, cans, and glass. On pick-up day and at check-out, bag and remove all trash and recycling from cottage. Place bags in pails so they can easily be removed or additional cleaning fees may apply. Stack clean newspaper, cardboard, and paper bags outside next to pails on pick-up days.

Pick-Up Days: Wednesday and Friday (holiday schedules may apply).

Packages and Mail

There is no mail delivery to homes in Cleverdale, New York. There is a small post-office on Route 9L across the street from the intersection with Cleverdale Road. It can be difficult to get packages delivered in this rural community. If you can avoid it, we suggest you do not have packages delivered to you while you are here. If you must have a package delivered, choose a shipper other than the USPS. The physical address of your cottage can be found in the cottage information on our website (link at top of page). Since we do not have mail delivery in Cleverdale, shippers do not recognize Cleverdale. Cleverdale is in the town of Queensbury, NY 12804 so use Queensbury as the town. Kindly, do not to send packages to our business address.

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21 acres, 700 feet of lakefront, sandy beach, boathouse sundecks, playgrounds, and several beautiful gardens are right outside your door. Chaise lounges are available on front lawn and at your cottage for your use.

Please do not enter private property. Private property includes 10 feet surrounding cottage, lakeside yard at Cottages #1, #6, #7 and #8, and yard around Main House (including driveway and from house to Seneca Drive).

Please note: fireworks are not permitted anywhere on Takundewide property.


Relax on private, sandy beach. Beach chairs are available for your use. Grounds are “carry-in, carry-out”; there are no trash cans. Dispose of all trash and recycling at your cottage. Remove all your possessions from beach after use. Beach is cleaned each morning and items left on beach are removed. Please do not feed the ducks!

Swim in a protected area marked with safety ropes and floats. No lifeguards are on duty and swimming is at swimmer’s own risk.

  • Never swim alone; 2 or more adults must be present when beach is in use.
  • Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Swimmers must get on dock when boats are pulling out or coming in.
  • Boats/jet skis may not be used inside swim area.

Boathouse Sundecks

Capture scenic views and spectacular sunsets from boathouse sundecks. Adirondack chairs and umbrellas are available for your use. To open umbrellas, gently lift spokes. To close, push up on center collar. Make sure to close and tie umbrellas when you leave or when it is windy (including the umbrellas on sundeck at Cottage #8). Do not step on steel cables on outer north sundeck railings. Do not ride bicycles on sundecks. Private sundecks at Cottages #1, #6, #7, or #8 are reserved only for the occupants.

Docks & Moorings

Add a dock for your boat during your stay. Use only assigned boat space or mooring. Board only your own boat. Take care not to obstruct access of others when docking. When swimmers are in the area, blow horn before starting boat and make sure swimmers are cleared before backing up. Tie jet skis in assigned boat slips when not in use. Jet skis and boats are not permitted in swimming area.

Docks at Cottages #1, #6, #7, and #8 are private and reserved only for the occupants.


Tennis courts are located at northeast corner of the property (see property map). If there are others waiting for tennis courts, please limit play to 1 ½ hours. Bikes and skates are not permitted on tennis courts.

Laundry Room

Coin-operated laundry facilities are in the building behind the small playground. Remove laundry promptly, others may be waiting. Clean up and remove lint from dryer after each use.

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Gatherings are limited to 10 inside cottages and 25 outside cottages. Gatherings of greater than 25 may be pre-approved by the Takundewide Homeowners Association board of directors. Requests for a gathering should be submitted to the office at least 2 weeks before gathering and must include:

  1. Time and duration (quiet time is 10 PM to 9 AM)
  2. Maximum number of people
  3. Location (gathering may not block access of others to use beach or docks)

Groups renting more than one cottage:  please be considerate of neighbors and do not gather at the same cottage every night.

Day Visitors:  rental guests must inform office (518-656-9573) before inviting day visitors to the property.

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Lake George vacation cabin rentals safety pledge at Takundewide Cottages

We’ve taken the Lake George Region “Health and Safety” pledge.

No contact check-in/out, cottage left vacant between guests, and industry cleaning practices and supplies guidelines are followed. Linens, towels, blankets are professionally cleaned between every guest. Extra protective coverings on mattresses and pillows.

Gathering sizes may be limited by NYS.

Unvaccinated guests must follow social distancing practices in common areas.

If you have been sick or in contact with confirmed case of COVID-19 within 10 days, please stay home.

If you develop symptoms at Takundewide, you will be masked and isolated and must leave as soon as possible.

Guests confirmed to have COVID-19 must inform management so others can be told about possible exposure.

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Emergency & Contact Information.

Plumbing, heating, lockouts, or electrical emergencies: 518-656-9573 (office) or 518-726-6093 (cell–call or text)

Fire, medical emergencies or other emergencies: 911. Give these locations:

  • South Docks, Cottages #10 & #12:  Seneca Drive, Cleverdale
  • North Docks, Beach and Cottages #4, #5, #8, #11:  Onondaga Drive, Cleverdale
  • Cottages #19, #21, #22:  Cayuga Drive, Cleverdale
  • Cottage #29:  Tuscarora Drive, Cleverdale

Management Contact Information:  

  • 518-656-9573:  Manager office phone
  • 518-726-6093:  Manager cell phone and text
  •  Manager email

Feel free to call or text at any time for emergencies. For other issues or questions, please call, text, or email between 9 AM and 5 PM. We are always available to schedule a convenient time and place to meet with you but no longer have an office for guests to enter. Let us know if you need anything or if something in your cottage or on the property needs our attention.

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