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We took a leap of faith staying at Takundewide this summer (end of August) with our 11 and 9 year old kids. There weren’t that many reviews posted and even not many of our friends had ever heard of Takundewide. So it was a leap of faith, and it was a great trip. And a big surprise to see so many other kids there at a similar age for our kids to play with. The location being on the east side of the lake is also nice as you get a beautiful sunset over the lake each night. Our weather for the week was perfect. Not sure if we got lucky or if that is typical weather that time of year. The grounds are very well groomed. The residents and other renters in the community are also so friendly. We were even invited one night to another cottage for a small bonfire and roasting marshmallows. The same family invited our daughter out onto the sundeck at nightime for stargazing. This is a special place. Only area of improvement that I would suggest is the comfort of the beds. But that might vary by unit so you will want to inquire. Thank you Takundewide for such a memorable trip and we will definitely consider returning next summer.

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